Butler County Votes Republican, but Not in Oxford;
Voter Turnout High, but Not in Oxford

Although Butler County remained overwhelmingly red in Tuesday’s election, giving more than 63 percent of its votes to the incumbent Republican Congressman Warren Davidson, support for Davidson slipped by 3 percent since the last time he was on the ballot in 2016.

Oxford remains an island of blue within deep-red Butler County, along with some precincts in urban Hamilton and Middletown and suburban West Chester.

Using data from the Butler County Board of Elections, this map shows precincts shaded according to the percentage of votes cast for Democratic and Republican congressional candidates. Click on the map for precinct details:

Despite an uptick in Democratic support throughout the county, Oxford was the only Butler County city or township that voted majority Democratic, weighing in more than three-to-one for the Democrat Vanessa Enoch.

Source: Butler County Board of Elections

Across Butler County, participation in the midterm election was unusually high. For the last midterm election in 2014, 41 percent of Butler County registered voters participated. On Tuesday, the number was 53 percent. Statewide, election officials reported the highest turnout for a midterm election since 1994.

Source: Ohio Secretary of State

This year’s high voter enthusiasm did not carry to Oxford, however, where only 34 percent of registered voters participated on Tuesday. Participation was particularly low in the four voting precincts that include dormitories and student housing around Miami University’s campus, spanning, from Yager Stadium to Chestnut Street north-to-south, and, from Main Street to Four Mile Creek west-to-east.

This map shows precincts shaded according to voter turnout. Click on the map for precinct details:

This report was created by Miami’s Department of Media, Journalism and Film’s class on Public Affairs Reporting: Talia Abrams, Margot Austin, Kelly Burns, Josiah Collins, Ben Deeter, Ryer Gardenswartz, Emily Goliver, Tyler Groth, Mallory Hackett, Ashley Hetherington, Tori Levy, Kelly McKewin, Ryan McSheffrey, Maddie Mitchell, Alison Perelman, Paige Scott, Kristin Stratman, Elise St. Esprit, Ryan Terhune, Lisa Trowbridge, Matt Wininger, Audrey York and Megan Zahneis.